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CrêpeCafé 1 (12/1 Kunaev St, Astana)
от 160 000 ₸ до 200 000 ₸
CrêpeCafé – Modern Creperie chain is looking for an active, enterprising and responsible person to join our team for the position of "Crepe Maker"!

Main responsibilities:
  • Preparation of crepes in accordance with technological maps.
  • Control of the conditions and terms of storage of products in the kitchen.
  • Compliance with sanitary, epidemiological and hygiene standards.
  • Maintaining a spotlessly clean work area.
  • Compliance with appearance standards.
  • At least 1 year experience in a similar position.
  • The ability to interact with the team.
  • High working capacity and level of self-organization.
  • Vaccination passport is required (in cases established by applicable law).
  • Family cafes chain with a unique concept and high standards of service. Challenge yourself and show us what you are capable of and we will make sure you grow and develop with us.
  • Interesting tasks, significant managerial authority, high level of responsibility, attention and interest in your ideas and initiatives.
  • Adequate and timely remuneration and compliance with the law.
  • Shift work 3/1.
  • Food discounts
  • Formal employment.
  • Pre-training, internship.

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